Anakob's Arts & Culture stories

Egypt is rich with local talents and in Anakob, we seek to promote and present this in every way possible. We searched for local artists and talents to showcase them in Anakob’s interior and exterior as Arts and culture is in our DNA.

We would like to share

Some of the stories 


Kingfisher Studio

Kingfisher is a branding and design studio inspired by local artists that was established in 2015, creating great designs to different customers, We collaborated with Kingfisher to design our Anakob brand reflecting our aim to showcase our brand identity’s aim to revive the local art and culture. We had several products specifically designed for Anakob, from the Nubian inspired logo, coasters, door hangers, t-shirts, notebooks and many more.


George Saad

The Story of a Master Aswany Craftsman:

Mr. George is the son of Mr. Saad who have been working as a master craftsman for 40 years, George lives in a small village, in Aswan, situated only few km south of Main city of Aswan. Like father like son, George learnt his professioancy from years of witnessing his father do marvelous fabrics, he is a truly 3rd generation artisan in the craft after his father and grandfather lived successful life as fabric designers & makers.

George currently sell his products in the Nubian museum.


Captain Hamamto

Captain Hamtto is a well known traditional sailer, his reputation precedes him. Left the city life of Cairo to follow his dream of being a sailor in the nile.
He loves the nile for its calmness and tranquility. He complements his daily work with a traditional hat making which is colorful reflecting his love for live and people.


Mostafa Fouad

A young and whole-hearted artist who designs mugs and plates inspired by patterns and drawings found all around the Nubian village to reflect the compelling beauty of Aswan’s Nile.

Mostafa works as a full time designer in Cairo but loves Aswan for its history and art.

Instagram @mostafa_art.


Ramy ElShakery

Started as an architect and now professional photographer, established his brand in 2010. Ramy is a local talented artists that is now well known on the international level, doing work with several global firms. We collaborated with ElShakery to make our photography and videography to present Anakob on social media.


Brown Nose

Our speciality coffee is supplied by Brown Nose coffee Roasters. It was founded by a team of artisan roasters and baristas, who share a passion for coffee. The coffee beans are sourced directly from different origins all around the world. They go to great lengths to ensure a sustainable livelihood for hardworking farmers. Our coffee is roasted by hand and packed to order for guaranteed freshness.

Sip slowly, take it easy & enjoy the Nile views.


Waad Nizamy

The collection of authentic leather bags is a purely Egyptian handmade leather crafted brand “WN” by Waas Nizamy.

Nizamy is a self-taught designer, currently working in her own workshop where she creates unique leather products inspired from Egypt’s wide artistic culture and traditions.

When we saw her products we fell in love with the simplicity and quality.

Follow her on instagram @waadnizamy



A local Nubian artist, born and raised in Aswan. Ismail established his career as an entrepreneur presenting drawing fascinating artwork with different styles. We collaborated with Ismail to depict the Nubian culture and its rich art on the boat walls, specifically customized to the boat design.



Kiliim is an Egyptian social enterprise and lifestyle brand that aims to revive and sustain the local craft of handmade kilim making in, Egypt by introducing modern designs to a time-honored technique. They manufacture the products in Fowwa, a small village situated along the lush Nile delta.



Nefertari is a company started in 1998 by Dr. Mona Erian, a pharmacist by profession. The company produces healthy 100% natural, chemical-free Egyptian body care products using Egyptian raw materials.


Traditional Craft Company

Traditional crafts company was established in the year 1999 by a syrian born Noura Mosallem, with the aspiration to empower egyptian women by giving the space and direction to create great handmade products.