Philae Temple


Philae Temple

Sits on Aglika island just south of the old Aswan Dam and it was built to honor the goddess Isis. It was the last temple built in the classical Egyptian style. The complex was moved from its original location on Philae Island, to its new location after the flooding of lake Nasser.

This temple can be visited twice, once during the day time and also during night time as they offer light and sound show which describes the story of the temple.

Usually guests visit Philae temple as part of a 1 day tour which includes other sightseeing sports within Aswan

About this activity


3 hours


20 $




Anytime before 1PM at the ferry port

Cancellation Policy

Fee of charge


Cash with checkout

Know before you go

  • We recomend to couple this activity with other sightseeing spots in Aswan
  • Camera will be extra charge at the temple gate
  • You might want to go at night to see the sound and light show

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